Group Programs

Sri Sri Yoga for Spine is a program that integrates Spine Care and Posture program along with other yoga sessions that is started with an aim to promote Health and Happiness in all. The Program has various Graded Strengthening exercises for making the Spine strong so as to overcome Stress of Work. The Power Walk has many health benefits. The stretches and warm ups are enjoyable and very beneficial.

We also know that pain is a consequence of an injury or incorrect posture. In case of injury there are precautions to be taken with professional guidance. Incorrect posture can be rectified substantially in just a few days. Considerable relief in back pain and neck pain has been reported by majority of participants.

  • Duration: 4 days residential program
  • Eligibility: Above the Age of 14 and it is Open for All

Diabetes is a multi-factorial disorder essentially resulting from lack of proper exercise, inappropriate food habits etc. Modern day ‘stress’ only aggravates the challenge. All these aspects point to ‘life style’. Besides medical attention, addressing life style is of paramount importance. With the fast-paced life that we lead, finding the time and often the place itself to address ‘life style’ can be a challenge. In this context, addition of pranayama, yoga & meditation, simply called ‘yogic practices’, to the daily regimen is a step in the right direction. This is not to discount the daily walk. Let us include yogic practices to the daily walk and beat diabetes.

For sterling results with yogic practices, build in regularity & consistency. As far as possible, stick to a daily fixed schedule. It could be mornings or evenings depending on your other daily demands. Set aside the time and be disciplined about it. You will be amazed at the results.

  • Duration: 5 days Residential Program
  • Eligibility: Above the Age of 14 and it is Open for All.

Kayakalpa is our signature 14-day weight loss program that focuses on long-term results, making you shed those extra kilos naturally. Under the guidance of experienced doctors and skillful therapists, we provide you a well-crafted routine which will help you lose weight with ease. We use yogasanas, pranayamas, Ayurvedic treatments along with a body-specific diet plan that will make your body recuperate and rejuvenate. A takeaway diet plan that helps you sustain the weight loss.

We touch the various facets of Ayurveda, helping the participants understand how and what to eat. We study and understand where they are going wrong in their “dincharya”- daily routine thereby helping correct it.

  • Days: 14-Day Residential Program
  • Eligibility: Above the Age of 14 and it is Open for All.

Essential Hypertension, which is the most common type of hypertension found, is an independent condition, meaning it is not triggered by other medical conditions like diabetes, heart-related problems or kidney malfunctioning. The dominant reason for this type of high blood pressure problem is stress. When you’re under stress, your heart beats faster and your blood vessels start to narrow, making stress a long-term cause of hypertension. Bad habits like smoking and alcohol consumption may be substantial in causing high blood pressure. Lack of physical activity, being overweight and obesity is another root cause of Hypertension.

Low Blood Pressure :  Low blood pressure or Hypotension is a physical condition where the blood pressure levels fall below 90/60 mmHg. Doctors believe that low blood pressure is not really harmful until it starts causing dizziness, fainting, and even shock.

Low blood pressure can be caused due to various reasons such as low blood volume, anemia, nutritional deficiency, heart problems, and hormonal changes amongst others. In advanced cases, it may cause lack of oxygen supply and nutrients to the brain and other vital organs.

  • Eligibility: Above the Age of 14 and it is Open for All.